Guided Fly Fishing on Mexico's Forgotten Peninsula

In 1961, Baja California was described as “the forgotten peninsula”. Over 50 years later much of Baja remains sparsely populated and retains the flavor of a land lost in time. Mountainous desert landscapes meet sweeping beaches along two distinctly different coasts: The Pacific and the Gulf of California. Baja offers fisheries as diverse as the land itself. From mangrove lined estuaries, to rolling Pacific surf, to the tranquil beaches of the Gulf. Offshore, inshore, surf fishing…sometimes all in the same day. The State of Baja California Sur has the longest coast of all Mexican states extending more than 1,350 miles, making up 22% of Mexico’s total coastline. Sport fishing is part of the culture here. And the game fish themselves are iconic symbols of the land, the people, and their character.

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